Check out this video as Michelle Villalobos shares how she has been able to work with hundreds of clients across several industries to help them generate the interest and attention that drives business.

She goes on to mention how bringing our choices into alignment, and how being intentional has helped her step into a greater level of leadership.

If you are struggling with aligning yourself with your authentic self and would like to achieve greater levels of success with your business and life, then watch this video…

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  1. Hines says:

    Thank you so much for this incredible episode. I learned so much from you and your guest Michelle Villalobos that has been an inspiration for me. Here are four great inspirational highlights I gained from the episode.
    I loved analogy she spoke of regarding the Creator/Mechanic and how the mechanic can sometimes override and sabotage the creative process by constantly asking how, how, how.
    I completely connected with the idea of needing to find your own true identify separate from the family or cultural programming that you may have grown up with.
    It was great the emphasis you both put on the importance and benefit of having entrepreneurial mentors.
    I really came away from the episode understanding the power of words and how much they can influence your decisions and creative ideas. I’ve decided every morning to select a power-word that best sets the tone for the direction I want my day to go.

    Again, thanks for an inspirational eposide.

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