Save Your Time And Grow Your Business : EP 28

“You need to design your life and build a business around that life.” – Steve Napolitan Good friends of mine for many, many years and we were just talking about lifestyle. Today, my good friends and entrepreneurs Robyn Crane and Trevor Crane are going to share some simple tips on how you can have the life you want while building [...]

The Power Of Words: EP 27

“The words you speak become the house you live in.” – Hafiz Welcome to the Steve Show. Today, we’re going to talk about affirmations. They aren’t new thanks to The Secret. But why is it that many people practice affirmations, but don’t manifest what they affirm inside? In this post we will talk about how you may be self-sabotaging the [...]

How To Achieve Big Results In Small Periods Of Time: Ep 26

“To me, learning should be fun. Learning should be an adventure. It should be exciting.” – Bronker Lee Welcome to the Steve Show. Today, I’m excited. I’ve got Bronkar Lee here. He’s a number one international best-selling author of The Bold Achievement Method (BAM). I’m very excited to have interviewed Bronkar for the show. Because when we want to achieve [...]

It’s All About Connecting With Others: Ep 25

“If you help enough people gain what they want in their life, you'll have all of what you want.” – Zig Ziglar Welcome to the Steve Show. Today, I want to talk about connecting with other human beings. So, why do I want to talk about connecting with other human beings? Let me share a story with you. I was [...]

Stop Waiting and Start Gaining Clients EP 24

“If you want a consistent stream of clients, you need to consistently reach out and connect with them.” – Steve Napolitan Welcome to the Steve Show. Today, I want to talk about gaining clients consistently rather than waiting for them to come to you. Many business owners and entrepreneurs I know are not gaining the number of clients that they [...]

Have More Fun and Make More Money EP 23

“In this life, in this body, this is the time. Let’s live for now.” – Steve Napolitan Welcome to The Steve Show. Today, I want to talk about putting more fun into your life and into your business and as a result, gain more revenue and have a better life! How do I put fun first and make that something [...]

The 2 Main Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Marketing and Sales EP 22

“Want to grow your sales? Focus on these two things: your perfect client and the right message.” – Steve Napolitan   Welcome to the Steve show. Say you’re looking to attract clients, to close deals, to gain more clients—today I want to talk about the main two things that can go wrong in your marketing and sales. The Two Main [...]