The Gift of Putting Family First EP 21

Welcome to the Steve Show! Today, I want to talk about the gift of putting family first. Family is everything to me. And modeling that to others and having them benefit has been such a rewarding experience for me too. I want to share a story. When my son was studying Thomas Edison, we went to southern Florida to visit his [...]

Success: The Importance of Tracking Your Progress EP 20

“If you don’t track your success in your business by looking at your numbers, then it’s like driving a car without a dashboard.” – Steve Napolitan Welcome to the Steve Show. Today we’re going to talk about tracking your success, so you can have more of it. The one big thing about being more successful and gaining more in your [...]

The Surrender Experiment EP 19

“Letting go means letting in new and better things.” – Steve Napolitan Welcome to the Steve Show. Today we’re going to talk about the Surrender Experiment and how it can help you trust yourselfmore and make powerful decisionswithout your fears getting in the way. So, this year I read the Surrender Experiment, and I think it was one of the [...]

The Power of Intent: Doing What’s Most Important to You EP 17

Welcome to The Steve Show. … Do you sometimes miss out on big events in life that matter to you simply because you are too busy? … Are you a parent and feel you must miss your kid’s soccer game because you believe you must be at work, and there’s no other way around it? … Do you sometimes experience [...]

Your Calls Are GIFTS EP 15

Welcome to the Steve Show. … Do you find yourself reluctant to pick up the phone when you know you must make those business development calls? … Are you nervous that you might come across as salesy to the person you are calling? … Do you fear that you might be wrongly judged for your intentions? These are all common [...]

Born to Run: The Importance of Love, Connection, and Abundance EP 14

“Love and connection outweighs willpower. It’s not about winning the race. It’s about running together.”  – Steve Napolitan Today, I’m going to talk about the book Born to Run. And it’s not just about running. It’s about life. And life is what I’m all about. When I read the book, I got so much more out of it than just [...]

How to Close More Deals with Less Meetings EP 13

“Less meetings means more life for yourself.”  – Steve Napolitan If you facilitate 10 potential sales meetings, and you get one or two clients, how does that compare if you had only 3 sales meetings, and secured two clients? How much time would you save? How much more freedom would you have to do other things? Today we’re going to [...]