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Steven Napolitan is an award-winning marketer. He has made millions for his clients and work with companies such as Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle. Steve’s shared the stage with top speakers like John Assaraf (star from the movie The Secret), Leigh Steinberg (the real Jerry Maguire – billion dollar sports agent), John Maxwell (Author & Leadership Coach), Jeffrey Slayter (International Speakers & Human Potential Coach), Kane Minkus (Founders of the Industry Rockstar), Loral Langemeier (Renowned Author/Speaker and Money Expert) and many more.
He’s executive coaching and training has publicly served over 35,000 professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs on their businesses and how to increase marketing/sales, while systemizing business to minimize their effort and maximize their revenue. Steve helps his clients have the lifestyles they deserve. Steve teaches the Client Capture process, a proven 3-step system to marketing success. Ultimately, Steve is about people, relationships, and the convergence of vision, focus and teamwork.

My Topics

Stop guessing and start knowing what works.  Turn marketing into business growth. Get the proven 3-step process to attract more leads, gain more clients and, most importantly, increase REVENUE.

Truly Capture your Clients

Do you feel that you are guessing when it comes to your marketing? Or worse yet, spending time and money on your marketing without great results? Learn how to stop guessing and start knowing. Gain exponential growth by attracting and keeping clients; better yet, by capturing YOUR clients.


  • How to DESIGN your business in a way to create a solid BRAND foundation while achieving your desired lifestyle.
  • How to BUILD your business with the right BRAND message, so that you capture your perfect client.
  • How to Share your business, so you can consistently attract clients.

From working with billion dollar companies down to teaching mom & pops, one thing that is noticeable over and over is how many companies over focus their social media efforts on what they say on their page or blog, when actually they need to get out onto other pages. With a simple three step system your audience will learn to truly increase and deepen their social connections by singing to the right audience.

  • Learn to increase your likes
  • Deepen your connections
  • Increase leads and revenue

This life is it. We don’t get to go half way through our lives and then decide, “OK, I’m ready; let’s start over.” This life is all we get in this current vessel we call our body. There is not a do-over option. We are born, life happens and then we die. What you do in that “life that happens” is up to you.  We are at odds with ourselves. We may have our dreams, yet we tend to stop ourselves from achieving them.

This talk explores:

  • Why are we at odds with ourselves
  • Why should we be motivated for change and growth
  • How do we over come the challenges and show up for ourselves
  • What is the best way to take action now

Those of us that want to make a difference in the world can be challenged with the vastness of it. How do I make a more significant positive effect in the world? Are we struggling with the influence and funding to actually make it happen? Do you feel a lack of power in being able to make a change, or even worse, you find you are struggling personally or as an organization?

It is awesome that you are such a giving person. Many people who want to change the world start looking for what they can do for others or organizations, when actually the best path is growing themselves in order to make a much larger impact.

If you have ever been on a commercial airline, you have been told in case of an emergency and the oxygen masks drop, put the air mask on yourself first.  Why? Don’t you want to put it on the children next to you or anyone else? NO… because if you are passed out on the floor, you will be the one needing help. You won’t be able to help anyone in that case.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to make a greater impact on the world by first focusing on strengthen themselves
  • To connect with others at a much deeper level
  • The more comfortable you are with being uncomfortable the faster you’ll grow

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