For those of you in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving. For those of us here and around the world, I hope you choose to be grateful.

When you start with gratitude, everything changes in your life. No matter where you are, no matter how hard things are, when you choose to be grateful for what you DO have, you’ll gain more of what you want in your life.

For most of us, it is easier said than done. When things are not good and someone like me tells you this, you may find yourself saying “sure buddy, you don’t know what I’m going through.” If that is you, watch this 4 minute video.

Take a moment and write down all that you are grateful for, no matter where you are. Then take a few minutes to start everyday with this exercise. It will change your life. Just trying this for one week and notice how it affects you. If it’s useful, keep doing it. I do this everyday. Give it a shot.

I’m grateful for everyone who will start this daily routine, because it will change the world if we all focused on being grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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