“The more you take care of yourself the more people you can help!”
– Steve Napolitan

Welcome to The Steve Show! Today we’re going to talk about being selfish.

I’m in the business services business. I’m about serving people and I have been for decades. When I started out, I had the mindset that, “I’m just going to give, give, and give.” That giving to others would end up coming back to me and my business.

Which is true. It does. If you add more value and exceed client expectations, they become raving fans and they will help grow your business through word of mouth.

But giving has its limits. When you give so much that you forget about your own self-care, then you end up incapable of being as effective a leader, parent, or partner in life. I want to share a couple of stories so you really understand this.

First, if you ever been on an airplane and flown on a commercial flight, if the oxygen masks drop (we hope it never does!):

Who are you supposed to put the oxygen mask on first?

Now, think about your answer. Was it you? Was it your kids? Was it your spouse? Was it the elderly person next to you?

The answer is: you always put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST. Because if you’re passed out on the floor, then you can’t help anyone.

If you truly want to help more people, you must take care of you first. Once you take care of you, then you can help as many people as you want because you’re taken care of. If you’re not taken care of, then you end up being the one passed out on the floor and everyone else must help you.

Another story to illustrate my point: If you’re a person that just wants to help as many people as you can, you have a boat, and it is leaking. But instead of fixing that boat, you immediately just start helping people. You let more people onto the boat at the shore and you embark on your trip to get across to the other side. Halfway through, you will most likely sink. You didn’t even help people. In fact, you hurt people.

Fix your boat first. That means, sometimes you must turn away people till you get it fixed, and tell them, “I can’t help you right now.”

I do a keynote speech, called World Change Starts With You. I 100% believe that. You must take care of you first, then you can lead. Then you can go help more people.

Here’s a takeaway to get you started on self-care and self-love: Start off by owning your morning. Get up and meditate, work-out, drink and eat well.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to comment on this post. I read every comment and I WILL respond! 😊

And remember …

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan



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