Going Big

Going online/digital allows you to go big, as I discussed a few posts ago, Reaching Critical Mass Faster, but is not always about going as big as you can. Strategy trumps size, unless size is the game. For most brands it is about reaching the right people.  There are so many social communities that some times the biggest one is [...]

Crisis! What happens to Brands in Social Media?

We are seeing more and more Brands come under tough times when dealing with their Brand Crisis. Johnson & Johnson & BP are good, current examples. With the age of digital media, it is and will continue to be more difficult for brands to hide from the consequences of their mistakes. Obviously, we all want to know the Brands we [...]


Now take my post from April 19th, ‘Knowing Your Target Audience,’ mix in the post from April 21st, ‘Reaching Critical Mass Faster,’ with the post from April 14th, ‘Quality is Key in the Digital World’ and you have power. Power as a marketer, to reach who you need to with the right quality content. These are some of the things that Nappic [...]

Hello… Ad’s and Entertainment collided

Ad’s and Entertainment collided

Cable vs Broadcast

It is no surprise that cable has continued to grow and grab big programming.