It is no surprise that cable has continued to grow and grab big programming. Oprah moved to cable. Monday Night Football did. Now March Madness.

People want to watch what they want to watch. Online, we search out exactly what we want and go.

TV is no different, that is why smaller networks (cable networks) are getting what they get. It narrows to a specific target. The big Broadcasters are very broad and want a very large and broad audience. While cable networks tend to reach fewer viewers, they reach more specific viewers. This is good for advertisers, if they are marketing to that specific demographic.

As more people do more things online the demand for specifically what we want grows. We have more choices to read what we want and watch what we want.

As content producers knowing where your content fits the best will allow you to grow viewership. As advertisers knowing what content to be along side or with, (for embedded content… in) can and will make all the difference.

More channels will come and their specialty will be greater. Especially, as they reach more of a global audience. As more goes global, it is possible to narrow even further. Thinking globally, a narrow, more specific program can reach larger audiences, in sheer numbers alone.

So, enjoy watching what you want, where you want.

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