“Plan your life and then build a business or career around that.”
— Steve Napolitan

Welcome to the Steve Show! Today I want to talk about planning your fun. Most entrepreneurs and executives I know understand the importance of planning their work. However, they also forget that planning your fun is just as important if you want to succeed in the long-term! 

Now, you might be thinking, “What are you talking about, Steve!?!” When you have work and you don’t plan your fun, often, what happens is you just keep working and working without limit— you don’t know when to stop. However, when you plan something that evening— say a date with your partner or time with kids— then you start planning your work around that. This allows us to focus on getting the important things done with the time we have. For me, I plan time with my family and time to travel. This is where the idea for this post came from. 

Let’s break this down: recall the last time you went on a vacation. Was there a list of chores and things you had to do? Maybe you had pets that needed someone to care for them in your absence. Maybe you need someone to watch your children. Maybe you had to hand over some work to another report so that your business can continue to run without you.  

When I locked in a vacation, I started planning my speaking engagements and client work around that. For you, that could be a music session, time in nature, or something else. Whatever it is that is important to your life beyond work, put it on your calendar. 

Remember: plan your life and then build a business or career around that. 

So, I want you to start planning your fun because fun is a big part of what makes life awesome! It might be uncomfortable at first. I can tell you at the beginning of doing this method, I would definitely feel the pain of quitting work a little earlier. I would close my laptop knowing that I still needed to do a few things and I would allow myself that privilege because ultimately this is a choice. But after awhile, you’ll be more efficient and you’ll have more fun.

Would love you hear how you go with today’s video— comments, questions, and ‘Ah hah’s’. 

As always, until we meet again…

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan 

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