“In this life, in this body, this is the time. Let’s live for now.”
– Steve Napolitan

Welcome to The Steve Show. Today, I want to talk about putting more fun into your life and into your business and as a result, gain more revenue and have a better life!

How do I put fun first and make that something that’s a huge deal in my life? And why do I do that?

Well, for one, I can tell you how miserable I was working with the wrong people, doing the wrong things. I felt forced into what I do, and I had to make a certain amount of money even if I didn’t enjoy doing what I did for money.

I was really grinding it out. I was always thinking, “I have to work, and work is serious business.”

But here’s what I learned: The more that I moved away from that kind of thinking, the more money I earned. It’s a crazy thing. But let me share a story with you so you can relate …

I joined two other consultants on a business venture once. In total, there is three of us. It was a big deal. We were paid a lot of money to come in and do a whole business strategy day for the client, and then spend half a day presenting our strategy to them.

During that time, we had so much fun. We laughed, joked around, and did all the sorts of things you wouldn’t think is work. By the end of the meeting, our sides hurt so bad from having laughed so much!

Have you ever laughed that much that your abs hurt? It’s like an amazing ab workout, by the way, which go figure, right? There you are laughing, and you’re working out at the same time.

Okay, back on track. After the presentation, the client was so excited with what we came up with that he decided he wanted to do more work with us. And, when we left the meeting to go get dinner, we worked out how much we earned …

It was over $300,000 in additional business + residuals. That meant each of us earned over $100,000 each for having fun!

So how can you have more fun? How can you embrace more fun in what you do, personally, in your business, or in your job?

True fun is not counter-productive.

When I’m working with someone or if someone’s coming to my events, I tell them, “Hey, do you like to have fun? Because I like to have fun.”

I just want to have fun all the time. Why wouldn’t we, right? This is our life. You don’t walk through life and then suddenly decide, “Okay, now I want to live, so I better rewind my time.” We don’t get that opportunity. In this life, in this body, this is the time. Let’s live for now.

When I’m doing anything, I ask myself the following questions:
• Am I going to have fun?
• Are these people who I want to be around?
• Is this client someone I would love to work with?

If the answer is no, then my answer to the opportunity is no. Because it takes five times the energy to work with a client that you don’t want to work with than it does for the ones that you would love to work with.

When you find yourself doing something you don’t want to do, then you need to find a way out. If your job is not exciting, if you work with clients you don’t want to work with, and you’re feeling miserable, first thing I want to say is—sorry that it has been that way.

The second thing I want to say, is now that you know what you don’t want, start planning to exit whatever you’re doing. I’m not saying go quit your job. I’m not saying fire all your clients. You might have to wean yourself off. That’s what I had to do. I had to slowly but surely let go of clients that wasn’t meant for me. I found referral sources.

Whatever it is for you, plan so you can start having the life that you want and start having more fun living it. It might seem like you have something to lose, but you don’t. You have all to gain.

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan

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