“Just like there are people in your life whom you learn from, there are other people in life looking to learn from you.”
— Steve Napolitan

Welcome to the Steve Show! Today we’re going to talk about developing your own course, whether you’ve thought about it but haven’t acted upon it, or if you already have that first course developed and are looking to deliver it. You might be wondering when a good time to launch it is, and what preparations you must have in place. In this post, I’m going to share the single, BIGGEST tip for getting started. 

Start Teaching, Don’t Wait.

The first thing you can do is do some simple research. You can find out who your WOW clients are, and their pain points and desires. Then, you are going to teach them what they need to know to solve their problems and help them achieve their goals. 

Now,  just start teaching and getting it out there! That’s it! 

The first course I did, I launched several years ago. It was a virtual program delivered over 8 weeks with 2-calls per week. It was imperfect and scrappy. I didn’t feel I was giving my students enough value. I even walked away thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t have even done the program.” It felt embarrassing. 

However, I learned from that experience and moved forward, making it better and better. No one starts out with something new and looks like a pro. They just start, get feedback, and improve it. 

But here’s something surprising: about 5 years after delivering that first course, one of the women that were in the course called me. She said:

“I had to call you, Steve. I’m calling you because what you taught is made such an impact on my life. In fact, I keep all of the notes and I’ve been using it for years that I learned from your program. And, it really has changed my business and it’s allowed me to help many more of my clients. I was so touched by it! I started to call a few other people from the program— they all had an impact.” 

So often we forget how far we’ve come. 

If you think about your journey as an expert, whatever subject-matter that maybe, you’re giving and you might think that your journey is like climbing a mountain. And, that unless you reach the summit, you can’t teach or be of value to people.

Not true. 

You’re never really going to get to the top because there’s no end to your journey. You just keep going and you keep getting better and better. And, just like there are people in your life whom you learn from and whom you take the lead from, there are other people in life looking to learn from you and for you to lead them. 

So,  if you have a program or things in your life that you’re an expert in, or that you have found easier ways to make things happen in your life— share it with others. Teach it. The single most important thing is to start building your course and don’t overthink it.

If you have questions and want clarification, please comment on this post. I read every comment and respond. 

As always, until we meet again…

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan

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