“If you want a consistent stream of clients,
you need to consistently reach out and connect with them.”

– Steve Napolitan

Welcome to the Steve Show. Today, I want to talk about gaining clients consistently rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs I know are not gaining the number of clients that they want. And a lot of times when I look at them, they’re sitting there, almost like they’re waiting for a bird to drop that seed in the ground.

I always go back to a story that I use. If you were a farmer, and there you are farming your field so that you can have the crops and have the food that you need for you and family. If you were to, instead of going out there and farming the field, just sit there in a chair, then you’re waiting for a bird to drop a seed. And when they drop the seed, you shoot over there, you water that seed, you take care of it, and an amazing plant occurs.

But what happens if the bird doesn’t drop a seed?

You must plant the seed yourself. When it comes to gaining clients, you must think about farming. Not in the sense that you must work long and hard hours like a farmer. Not at all. You just need to take simple consistent steps to plant seeds, nurture them, and enjoy the crop!

So what business development activities do you regularly do day to day? Maybe you are running ads, maybe you are setting up phone calls with potential clients, maybe you send out an email marketing campaign, or maybe you use social media to gain clients. All these things are activities that you can be doing to plant seeds, get leads, and keep your business sustainable.

“But Steve, what if I rely on just referral clients?”You might be thinking. Still the same thing. You must nurture the people that are sending referrals to you. The more you nurture your business advocates, the more they advocate for your business.

I meet so many entrepreneurs that get a whole bunch of work done but they don’t do any business development. Soon, a few months down the track (usually 90 days), they suddenly have no business. Then after another 90 days, they suddenly have a landslide amount of work. Their businesses yo-yo, up and down, up and down etc.

So, I want you to ask yourself today, “What am I doing to gain new clients?” That’s all I want you to think about for now because the first step to making a positive change is beingawareof what you are doing now that isn’t working.

If you’ve read my book Capture Clients Close Deals, you’ll understand that I talk about finding your perfect client, asking them what they want, and then giving it to them. You can get into other blog posts and videos of mine that talk about techniques to do all these things.

But today, I just wanted to impress upon you that you need a daily activity for business development. I want you to be able to choose and have more abundance in your life which you can have just by scheduling a daily occurrence of some sort of business development.

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan

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