“Sales isn’t about selling, it’s about discovering a match.”
– Steve Napolitan

Today, I want to talk about how to make more sales, make more money, and enjoy the process of sales without feeling slimy or sleazy about yourself. Because doing sales isn’t about taking from someone else. It’s just as much about giving.

Whether you are a small business owner who is responsible for making sales, or whether you are an executive at a larger enterprise and responsible for a sales force—this post and video will be useful.

Firstly, many people when they are looking to grow sales, are in a mode of urgency:

  • “I must bring more revenue to my business.”
  • “I must meet my sales targets.”
  • “I have got to close that deal before I lose it.”

When you are in this mode, that’s when you start feeling that selling is slimy, sleazy and that you are taking advantage of people. And even though you aren’t that sort of person, when selling is approached this way, it often is a big turn-off to customers! Customers can feel the desperation.

If you ever feel you are caught up in that, here’s what you do …

First, take a step back, take a deep breath, and relax a little.

Second, realize that whatever business you are in, it’s all about making a difference in someone’s life. Whether that’s with your product or service, people often go into business because they know what they have can be of value and benefit to someone’s life:

  • Convenience
  • Peace of mind
  • Happiness
  • Joy

Of course, there are other people who go into business for other reasons, but they don’t often follow my posts.

Whatever positive difference it is that you want to make, I call this your core purpose. It is the WHY behind your business and everything you do. And you should have it at the forefront of your mind before and during all sales interactions.

If you aren’t doing the selling, then your sales teams and representatives should have the core purpose at the forefront of their minds and be aligned with WHY the business exists.  If you don’t have a core purpose, that’s a problem. And I think it is worthwhile clarifying it.

Every day whenever I think about making an offer, or asking people if I can help them, I am selling a service or product. Whether it is me speaking on stage, running a training course, or providing private coaching. But my attention and intention in the interacting is about making a difference in their life. Then, I think of my products and services as gifts that I know can make that difference for them.

Here’s how it changes the whole sales game:

  • When I pick up the phone, I know I am approaching the other person with the energy of “I have a gift for you.”
  • I also know, that not everyone wants what I have to ‘gift’. So, a lot of the conversation becomes about discovering if we are a match, rather than a competition to see how I can win them over.

Yes, my services and products cost money, but most people are willing to invest in something they know is going to give them what they want. If they’re not willing to pay, then they probably don’t want it.

If they really need something, or they really want something, then what amount of money would you pay? Think of it in your own life. I can think in my life when I really needed something, I was willing to pay almost anything if it was that important to me. That’s the difference we’re making.

Sales only become sleazy when you’re trying to sell something to someone that they don’t need, or you are forcing someone to make something work when it’s not what they need. People sense this stuff. You know how dogs can sense fear? Well, humans can sense when people are BS-ing them.

When you know someone’s trying to sell you something, and they’re just trying to make money, you can feel that energy coming off them.

So many of us get caught up, where we get fearful of making a sales call or doing the selling. We think we’re going to take time away from someone. Sometimes I hear people say, “I don’t want to make calls, cause I’m gonna bother someone. I’m interrupting their life.”

Well, if you’re calling someone to make a difference in their life, they probably want to hear from you. If your attention goes on them, and you’re asking them, “Hey, what’s going on in your life? What’s challenging you? What are your goals around this set area?” Then they start to share their information with you. They too want to know if your product or service is a match to help them with their goal.

That’s Why Selling (Done Properly) Is About Discovering a Match.

Maybe it’s going to be a fit and maybe it’s not. I’m okay with that. I’m not going to a meeting saying, “I have to close a deal,” every time. This is the old way of thinking. That would be like walking down the street and declaring that anyone I bump into is going to be the person that I need to do business with.

It’s not the case, right? It’s finding the right people with the right offer, and then that match is made. It’s made through the conversation.

If I sold something to the wrong person, then all it does is create trouble for yourself. The customer is not going to be happy. The client’s not going to be happy. Ultimately, you’re going to have bad reviews, and you’re going to have people that are disgruntled about things.

I’ve switched that to where I’m making the decision if I’m working with someone or not. I’m deciding if it’s a good fit. If it is, then I’ll make an offer. If I’ve communicated well, by knowing their goals and their challenges, and made the right offer, then and only then, is it a win. All of this takes all that sleaziness away.

So, here’s what you can do:

  1. Get clear on your core purpose.
  2. Hold your positive intention for all your sales interactions.
  3. Be clear that sales = discovering a match. Whether someone says yes or no, you win, if you came that space.

Doing the above, I have more sales with ease and fewer worries on my mind. All I do is wake up every day and know if I help people, and I give them the service or product that I have, in the right way, with integrity, that more people will come.

People can feel your integrity. When they do, and they are a match, it’ll naturally increase your revenue.

I hope that this makes an impact in your mind today and you can start testing this out in your business.

Also, do give me feedback by commenting on this post. I read every comment here and I will respond 😊

Until next time, remember, choose gratitude and create freedom.

Steve Napolitan

(P.S. What is the number ONE challenge you are facing with sales now?)

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