“Call your mom and then let me know what happens.”
– Steve Napolitan

“Steve, I want you to call your mom.” That’s what my friend told me. At the time, I was struggling to secure more paying clients. I had a short lead list. And every time I called a lead, I was literally blaming them for everything that wasn’t going well in my business…

… “If only they would have done this.”

… “It’s their fault they didn’t call me back!”

… “Why can’t they just understand something so simple?”

The list goes on. I was blaming them for my lack of success in business.

I got so frustrated, I called my friend (he’s really good at business), told him what was going on … and that’s when he said, “Steve, you’re blaming everything outside of you instead of taking responsibility.”

That hurt. Because it was true.

I can’t control my leads. It’s their life, not mine.

And that’s when he told me to call my mom.

At first, I was like, “What do you mean call my mom? I’m not going to call my mom.”

He said, “Yeah, you’re going to call your mom. You’re going to ask her for leads. Tell your mom what you’re doing in your business, how you’re taking it to the next level, tell her a little bit of the story of what’s going on, and then tell her the type of client that you want.”

I kind of laughed. It was CRAZY! So crazy that I just thought, “Yeah, I’ll call my mom and do that. I need to catch up with her anyway.”

Guess what? She gave me one name off her phone right there and then. And in the next day, she gave me two more leads.

But out of those three leads, I acquired the LARGEST CLIENT for the whole year. My mom had been an executive assistant for an executive that grew this company, and they kept in touch.

She contacted this gentleman and we met. When he met me, he said, “Steve I don’t know why we are meeting, but your mom is awesome, so I thought I may as well meet her son!” I did what I did, I interviewed about his business, and we ended up working together for years!

So, the whole point of this exercise is two things:

  1. You can probably get leads from anybody and you just don’t know it.
  2. When you take responsibility, you can focus on what works, rather than what doesn’t and what isn’t in your control.

And, if in doubt, call your mom 😊

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan

(P.S. What words of gratitude would you love to share with your mom?)

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  1. Best example of: What we do not yet know..another who might see in our best interest-can help fill the gaps… Love how you can see to help others turn their negativism to a positive. Thanks Steve.

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