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… Do you find yourself reluctant to pick up the phone when you know you must make those business development calls?

… Are you nervous that you might come across as salesy to the person you are calling?

… Do you fear that you might be wrongly judged for your intentions?

These are all common experiences business owners and entrepreneurs have. I want to teach you how I and many of my clients overcome this challenge. And it’s easier and simpler than you think.

First, you must get in the right mindset and energy before you call. The call starts before you even pick up the phone! What you need to do is get clear on what your intention is for the person you are calling.

Is it to take their money?

Is it to convince them to buy your product so you get a commission on the sale?

Or, if you are like me, is it to add value to their lives and make a positive difference? I bet you, if you are reading and watching my show, your intention is you want to serve them with the unique value you have.

See, every one of us has value that we are offering. Instead of realizing that we can make a difference, often we are distracted by self-doubt and negative self-talk such as, “I’m going to be bugging someone.” Or “Oh I am going to ask people for something and they won’t like it…”

But, in actual fact, you’re calling because, in effect, you are saying, “Hey, I have something that is of value, and I want to offer it up because if it is right for you, I know it’ll make a positive difference in your life.”

Your call is a GIFT.

So, first, before you are making a call, think about what the OTHER person can get. What is the GAIN that comes from interacting with you and potentially working with you? Get clear on this before you make any call.

To help you with this, you are going to write down a list of your favorite clients, and what benefits they have gotten from working with you and your business. Just write it down. Set a timer for say 2 minutes and write it down. Don’t stop. Just keep going. Write down EVERYTHING that you gave these clients.

Next, you are going to print out all the testimonials clients have given you in the past and have them in front of you. Make sure you can see them and read them. Because every time you make a phone call, that person on the other line could be another happy customer whose life you have changed for the better!

That’s what it’s all about. When you call and you’re just giving gifts, how hard is it to make the call? How hard is it to give gifts away?

Really understand what you’re giving. What value you have. Then it is easy to make calls.

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Until next time…

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan



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