Before I gained more business and more life, I was working way too hard for way too little.

But I was fortunate to have met one my main business coaches and mentors.

He showed me how to grow my success without having to sacrifice anything in my life. And he showed me how to do it in a matter of minutes.

That mentor was on stage at an event I attended. It was an event I was resisting going too because I was just SO BUSY!

Maybe you can relate?

But the good thing is I stayed. He shared a simple insight that changed the way I related to my business and my life.

He told me to start at the top of what I wanted in life, and make my business support that goal.


He also gave me lots of other takeaways that were useful for my business for FREE.

And no surprise, I hired him. As a direct result, I worked less, played more, and earned more money!

But here’s my point: He was on stage. He was SEEN. He was SHARING his expertise and adding VALUE to his audience.

And that’s exactly why I record videos on YouTube and share as much of my expertise for FREE.

Because I know what just ONE LINE can do to transform someone’s life. And this is my way of passing it on.

In return I have …

grown my content following from hundreds of views to 1000s of views.

secured PAYING clients upfront, who paid me up to $5,000 just to secure their spot with me.

been invited for SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS because people valued my content and SAW who I was.

You too have valuable content that can transform people’s lives and businesses. But if no one knows about you that valuable content becomes the world’s biggest secret.

So, here’s my message to you today:

No matter where you are starting, grab an iPhone and a mic,
and start sharing your expertise and information. Get out there!

Even if you have the same exact message that someone out there is delivering, people are going to WANT to watch YOU versus other people.

Because we all have different PERSONALITIES, some people will resonate with you and some people won’t.

Do this:

  • Share your expertise and be of service for FREE.
  • Do it consistently. Whether it is a daily, weekly, or monthly thing. Just make sure it is consistent.

I have chosen to do it once a week. Because I find it fun. And because when I teach and share, I also get to learn!

If you have any questions about getting your business and expertise OUT THERE, post a comment below. The catch is, I want you to tell me what you need.

… Where are you challenged right now?

… What would you like me to put in episode 51 to 100, before we celebrate the 100th episode?

And we’ll probably do something crazy for the 100th episode. I can’t wait to do it. I’m here to serve! 😊

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan

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