“Look for the WOW clients
Fire the ‘ugh!’ clients.”
– Steve Napolitan

I fired a multi-six-figure client before. You would think I lost money. But it helped me grow my business and income.

At the time, we were doing such a good job for their marketing that they expanded their franchises from the west coast of the US, to all other states.

But then some of these other areas weren’t getting good results.

When I investigated, I found out that their team members were lacking training. It wasn’t the advertising or marketing strategy that needed attention. The campaigns we designed got people through their door. It was their people that needed the support and training to convert those people into loyal customers.

So, I explained to my client, “Hey, we need to take some of the advertising budgets and invest it in training.” But the client refused to do it. They couldn’t see the value of doing that. Correction, they didn’t value their people. Period.

I fired the client. It was a values mismatch. My team and I were spending so much time on a lost cause, that even my employees were fed-up with working with that client.

Staff morale was down. Our reputation was being challenged. We were working way to heard for nothing.

Now, that was a multiple six-figure projects! Any business and entrepreneur in their RIGHT MIND would consider keeping that client.

But any business and entrepreneur who is ALIGNED with their authentic vision and values knows that the worst thing you can do is continue to work with clients you dread.

After I fired that client, we secured better more enjoyable clients to work with, and we were getting much more done with less time, energy, and stress.

It was a win-win on all counts.

For you, it might be the same or similar thing. It could be a client that is sloppy with timing, slopping with payments, or simply, not the right fit.

A sign of that is when they call, you don’t want to talk to them. That’s a BIG sign that you shouldn’t be working with them.

But someone else can.

Your DREADED client could be someone else’s DREAM client.

So, don’t think and take it personally. You might just not connect with that client.

Here’s the greatest thing: you can find someone to refer them to, someone who loves that type of client that you don’t and set up a referral program.

That way, you can get PAID to literally FIRE clients that aren’t the right fit!

Now, I want to look at the other side of it.

What happens when you have more time and energy to focus on your WOW client?

(Note: A WOW client is a perfect client, one where your heart is beating, and you’re happy, and you’re leaving with so much passion; your client’s heart is beating, and they are leaving with so much more passion.)

You’re happy. They are happy. They give you referrals and your business revenue SNOWBALLS.

Who are those WOW clients for you?

Start questioning yourself. Look for those wow clients, fire those ‘ugh’ clients.

Now, I’m not saying, “Go fire all your clients if all of them are bad.” You’ve got to wean yourself off. But don’t take on any more like that.

Focus on the WOW clients, and you’ll start getting more.

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan

(P.S. Who is your WOW client?)

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