“To me, learning should be fun. Learning should be an adventure. It should be exciting.”
– Bronker Lee

Welcome to the Steve Show. Today, I’m excited. I’ve got Bronkar Lee here. He’s a number one international best-selling author of The Bold Achievement Method (BAM).
I’m very excited to have interviewed Bronkar for the show. Because when we want to achieve certain things, what Bronker shows us, is we can do it faster and more effectively, if we were actually taught how.

For example, Bronkar has always bene fascinated about learning, and more specifically, how people learn. Especially adults. For example, what he noticed, which I tend to agree with, is that at some stage in his life, he forgot how to learn or to give himself permission to fail, make mistakes, learn from them, experiment, and get better by trial and error.

As a result, Bronker got curious to learn new skills, odd skills even. For example, he set a couple of world records with odd skills such as juggling and beat-boxing. Why? In his words…

“I realized that in this learning method with that, I created a whole structure that I could apply to other skill sets, whether it’s learning a musical instrument or speaking a language or what not. I just got into that and started quantifying it and measuring it, with the intention of sharing with other people to bring out the best in them and give them a system, especially as adults to learn by.”

We’ve all heard that the way you do one thing is the way you do all things in life. This is a common thing said in the personal development space. But if that’s the case, then if you get really really GOOD at one thing, you can get really really good at ANYTHING you want to achieve! If that doesn’t excite you, it should. Because Bronker, in his book, breaks down anything you want to learn into small enjoyable steps.

Or as I say, it is about the journey. So many people get caught on the goal without enjoying the journey. And with regards to learning by not being afraid to fail, think back to when you were a baby learning to walk. If you were afraid to walk, you wouldn’t have tried crawling and you wouldn’t have gained balance or strength to walk. But that challenge or hardship is what makes walking so natural for you today. In Bronkar’s words:

“Because the failure, or the mistake, is inevitable as a human. As humans, we’re going to do that. That’s everything. It’s what we choose to do with those mistakes, how we analyze them, and how we learn from them. That’s what really dictates the people that we become.”

I proceed to ask Bronkar, what is one thing or piece of advice he can give you and I that can help us quickly achieve more especially since a lot of us are busy with business, family, and other things in life. He said:

Ask yourself, “How do I find time?” What we do is we go in and time-log and see what we’re spending our time on. Maybe you time long for a week. You write down what you do every day.”

You look for those patterns on where you are spending your time and ask yourself, “Okay, how much value is that pattern bringing me? Then it is a matter of consistency.”
For example, Bronkar found that by regularly learning and practicing the Saxophone, he became a professional Saxophone player in 63 days having never touched the instrument in his life before. All he did was logged a lot of time to practice and created regular space in his calendar for it.

So, where in your life and business would you like to achieve more? Where in your calendar can you find more time to focus on what you want to achieve? And finally, are you willing to commit to taking those regular actions?

I would love to hear your questions, so I can respond and give you more value! So please, comment below. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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