In this episode, I share with you some of the challenges I’ve gone through and how I finally, after years of struggling, broke through to find the success I wanted.

For years and years, I worked hard to build  one of my main businesses.  When it came to learning, I would read what I could and listen to who I could. Even with this insight, in the end, I was putting the pieces together myself. After trying so many different options, over more than a decade, I had grown the business, but still didn’t have the life, nor the net income I wanted.

It wasn’t till I hired a mentor (coach/consultant,) that I was able to gain the insight I needed for change. Often times, we are so caught in running our businesses, we don’t have the space in our mind to work on our business. Having a second pair of eyes will open up the thoughts, creativity and wisdom you need to make the small shift to have success.  Yes, they are small shifts most the time!

Watch this video as I share a little more of my story and learn how you can fast track your success.


  1. Good visuals and of course the content is spot on. Looking forward to Our next workshop.

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