“Want to grow your sales? Focus on these two things: your perfect client and the right message.”
– Steve Napolitan


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Say you’re looking to attract clients, to close deals, to gain more clients—today I want to talk about the main two things that can go wrong in your marketing and sales.

The Two Main Things

Number one, it’s the wrong client. You’re talking to the wrong people.

Number two, if you are talking to the right people and you aren’t gaining the clients, then you’re communicating the wrong message.

So, it’s one of two things:

  1. The wrong people.
  2. The wrong message.

And that’s it. We can simplify it down to those two things.

So, if you know you’re talking to the right person, and you’re not getting the clients, then you know it must be the wrong message. To correct this, you put your attention on correcting your message on your marketing and sales collateral, whether it is your website, email, social media, or what you say to people on the phone call.

Am I Saying the Right Thing?

If you feel like your message is doing a wonderful job, and it is saying what you need to say, then you’re probably talking to the wrong person. What you must do then, is change your audience and find out where and how to get in touch with the right people.

Am I Speaking to the Right Person?

That’s it! If you know these two things, then you know exactly what you need to make a success of a marketing or sales campaign.

If you want to gain clients without convincing or chasing, here is what you can do.

First, get clear on your WOW client. This is the client that you love working with. The one you would love to continue doing business with for life.

Then you find them, and you ask them questions. What do you ask? You ask them what they want.

Next thing you do is you give it to them!

Now you can stop guessing.

A lot of people that come to me, they have expertise in their field, and they’re looking at how to better communicate. And what happens is, we know that they need something else, and that’s okay too.

You can find your perfect client, ask them what they want, give them what they want, and then teach them what they need. If you start teaching too much at the beginning, you lose too many opportunities. And too many people that you can truly help surely change their life, but you’re not able to do it.

If you’re in a single product type business, sometimes you must ask yourself, “Does my product fit their need? Or is there another product that fits their need?” There is no point selling something people don’t want or need.

Now, after speaking to the people you want to serve, they will give you the key message they want to hear. I often take exactly the words that my clients say, and I put it into my message. Because they know what they want. So, if I can give them what they want, I’m going to attract more people, and I’m going to gain more clients.

In all my years in advertising, and all the creative stuff we had done, in the early years we would get so creative, we would lose the message. Because we would be thinking, let’s make a movie instead of a commercial. And we were doing it as a commercial. We wanted to make the best commercial possible, but we were over-creative. And it left us with not a lot of results.

When we broke it down to the basics, and we found out what the client wanted, we put the exact words right in the ad, the numbers shot through the roof.

The Three Parts to Communication

When you think of communication, there’s three parts to communication. Number one, the communicator. Number two, the message. And the third part is, the receiver.

Now ask yourself, out of these three, the communicator, the message, or the receiver–which of these three parts is in charge, or responsible, that the communication happens effectively?

I don’t know what you guessed, but guess what it is? It’s the communicator.

It’s their job, it was my job, and in your business, it’s your job.

So, you need to look at, where’s your perfect client, ask them what they want, and then give it to them. And in doing that, we can find out exactly the right message for your perfect client.

Your Action

You need to examine, am I working with people that I love to work with? Are they the exact fit for my business, for my product, for my service? If the answer is no, then you need to modify who you’re looking for and take the following steps:

  • Get clear on your perfect client
  • Find out where they are
  • Discover what they want and what they need to hear
  • Give it to them

So, just focus on these two things: your perfect client and the right message. You will see more happen in your business just by doing those simple things.

I hope this is a great message for you today. Share what your thoughts and get involved in the conversation. I will be here to help you because I personally read almost every one of my messages coming through on social media.

I look forward to helping you again soon.

Choose Gratitude Create Freedom

Steve Napolitan

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