Learn why pitching doesn’t work, how it lowers your sales and helps less clients. By asking the right questions you’ll close more deals with more ease and do it all without being “salesy.”

If you are pitching in your meetings, most likely the majority of your meeting is about you and your service/product. This approach will find you low effectives. If you are talking the whole time, how much are you connecting with the human being(s) you are with? Not much?

Even if your product or service is what they need, you are missing so much about why they would even make the decision to choose you.

By shifting your focus to the other person, you will:

– build an emotional connection with them,

– see them for the person they are,

– find out what they deeply want/need,

– find out what their deepest pain/challenge is,

– find out when do they want/need help,

– find out do they even want help/willing to have help,

– and much, much more.

Then and only then, can you decide if it is appropriate to make an offer. Stop focusing on selling, and start discovering a match.

Ask questions, connect and then help (if you can.)


  1. Great stuff. It makes so much sense and is clear to those who have business being in business. So many go into business prematurely because of the allure of being in business. I am talking from experience because today I belong in business and flow with all you teach. The persons who are making excuses for not operating the way you suggest are probably those who are not yet ready to be in business. Count on me to be watching.

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